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Kenny Lucius
Kenny Lucius

I, Kenny, am a web developer in Ellicott City, Maryland. I own this dot com domain by which I make a bit of money, and the larger site Award Annals by which I make nothing of which to speak. Send me an email using the contact form if you need help with your website, or if you just want to complement me on anything you see here.

If you want to see pictures of me, visit my shrine.


I don’t have any “official” aliases. I’m including different forms of my name here so that anyone googling me might find me. Also, a few nicknames.

  • Kenneth Henry Lucius
  • Kenny Lucius
  • Ken Lucius
  • Doctor K
  • Daddy Cake

I was tagged with that last one during my attempt to become known as "Grand Daddy K". My newly-born grandson, Colin, decided that I was not so grand as I was spongy.

My Home

Cats make a home.
Cats make a home.

I made my home in Fullerton, California until the end of 2008, and now hail from Ellicott City, Maryland. It's a “waterfront colonial” currently containing two dogs and two cats. Oh, yeah—my wife Sue Barbee, too. It just wouldn’t be home without all of its inhabitants.

I remember when, as a young man, I lived alone and preferred it that way. I can’t imagine what I was thinking.

I grew up in Clarkston, Michigan (Andersonville, to be exact), lived in the Arkansas towns of Bismarck and Arkadelphia for some years, and then moved to California in 1984. I have lived in several California cities: Fullerton, Upland, Brea, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Cypress, and Huntington Beach. I lived a few months in Medford, Oregon—that turned out to be a big mistake. I moved to Ellicott City during the holidays of 2008 to escape Southern California's desert climate and crowded freeways.

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