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This is a test page.

What did I do?

This page begins with the following code:

#content {
h1, h2 {
   font-family:"Comic Sans",   "Comic Sans MS",  "Times New Roman", times, serif ;

I added CSS to change the look of some elements of the page. Specifically, H1 and H2 heads are a different font and have a greenish background, and the “content” area of the page has a peachy background. It's pretty ugly, but it's only a test.

What can you do?

If you are familiar with the elements that make up a MediaWiki page, you can completely change the look. Beyond fonts and backgrounds, you can move elements around on the page and really screw things up good.

Here is my advice: don't move anything. Just change colors, fonts, and backgrounds until you get something approximating your desire. Then give me a call and I will implement your CSS code site-wide. If you really want to rearrange things, it might take more than changing the CSS.

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