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Changing the text and images that appear in the footer and in the navigation boxes is defined on their respective pages. Changing them is as easy as editing these pages.


The navigation boxes are defined in MediaWiki:Sidebar. This site has two navigation boxes that, at the time I wrote this, are defined thusly:

* Web Services
** Main_Page|Welcome
** Web_Services|Services Offered
** Skins|Design Samples
** Contact|Contact Kenny
* Personal Pages
** Personal_Information|Kenny 411
** Gallery|Photo Gallery
** Projects|Projects
** Favorite_Links|Favorite Links

This is simply a bullet list. There are two first-level bullets which define the title of the navigation boxes: Web Services and Personal Pages. Usually there will be only one, but this site does double-duty for me, so I have two boxes.

The second-level bullets are formatted with two parameters separated by a pipe: Linked_article_name|Displayed text. The first one displays “Welcome” and takes you to “Main_Page” when you click it.

At any time, you can add or delete items, divide items into multiple boxes, or change the links. All the pages in your site should immediately display the new information, but there may be a few wrinkles. Since there is a cache in operation, it may take some time to clear out the old data and display the new. If you’re in a hurry, contact me for instructions on how to clear your cache, or to have me do it for you.


The text and icons that appear in the footer are defined in MediaWiki:Footer. This is not a normal function for MediaWiki—I added it so that you can easily update your footer information.

Here is the current footer definition for this site:

<div style="float:right">footer(poweredbyico)</div>
<div style="float:left">{{#icon:KLwiki_80x31.png|A Kenny Lucius Wiki|0|}}</div>
* [[Contact|Contact]]
* [[Help:Contents|Help]]
* footer(viewcount)
* footer(lastmod)

The first two lines include two icons that float to the right and left. The text “footer(poweredbyico)” causes a special function to run in the footer that substitutes the correct icon and link for MediaWiki.

The bullet list can contain regular text, a link, or one of these special functions: footer(viewcount), footer(lastmod). The way the bullets are formatted depends on your site’s skin—usually they are displayed horizontally across the footer.

Like the sidebar, the footer for the whole site can be edited at any time, and will display when the cache clears.

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